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ABOUT :Decay: Precautionary Measures

My recent work is driven by an interest in notions of the ephemeral and in an investigation  into man’s influence in the world versus the resilience of nature. Nature tends  to take back what was always hers.

Right now, we exist in a  place between analog and digital technology- we are at a place of overlap,confusion and conflict. There is much debate amongst photographic and artistic  circles as to the value, weight, meaning and permanence of one medium over the other.

If I, as a photographer, were to die tomorrow and leave behind me prints made in a darkroom from film- or an archive of digital images saved on a computer or uploaded to a website-which one is worth more than the other? In a  room where prints, projected imagery and images on a laptop are presented  together: which has more value?This was the question I asked myself as I presented this work in exactly those three formats within a space.

I believe we, as human  beings, have an innate need and want to leave behind a legacy, to preserve time  and to preserve our experiences.This can manifest itself in the form of  children- or grand buildings and monuments, art, writing or a political career.We seem to hope that after we die there will be some tangible sign left behind  us of our existence in this world. How do we preserve temporality when our mere  existence as human beings on this planet is temporary?

To  move forward artistically do we not need  to project ourselves forward into an embrace of new technologies? Projection is      " ... the  action of throwing, ejecting, propelling away from oneself. To project is literally to throw  forward…” (Doane, Mary Ann.) Is there also value in looking backwards and preserving traditions and history for future  generations? What does the trajectory of transition look like from one medium  to another- from one generation to another? 

My research has focused around  notions of decay, temporality, permanence, light, shadows and the effects of  time on people, places and things. My work attempts to examine the dichotomies  of man versus nature: old versus new, analog versus digital and projection  versus print, with the computer being the epicentre of it all.

My  goal is to point to issues of value and permanence fostered through an  examination of perspective, history and the fabricated entity of preciousness.

By focusing on abstracted, magnified details of disintegration and decay, I was able to open my eyes to the real  and  vivid  beauty around me – even in the midst of ruin and decay. 

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