Tanya Linnegar
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About "Void ( As It Was)"

With this work, I hoped to visually represent a certain feeling- of loneliness in spite of being in a relationship with someone.Sometimes two people who have been together a long time can seem to be ships passing in the night- always on a different schedule of work and sleep.  I set out to subvert the ideals and expectations surrounding long term relationships. Such long term commitments between people require partnership, but they also demand that the singular individual exists separately within the whole. 

I also wanted to speak to the bleakness and desolation of winter with its endless rain and snow, and days that get dark at 4pm in the afternoon.  I wanted to to explore the word "Void" and its various meanings and connotations. Through abstract visuals of my surroundings, I hoped to capture with my camera empty spaceserosion, cracks and traces... focusing on that which used to be there, but is no more- which is also a metaphor for the changes happening in a relationship over time.

Finally, I wanted to pay homage to the beautiful poem by Yehuda Amichai called "As It Was".      ( *See Below)





 As It Was By Yehuda Amichai 

As It Was.

When the water we drank at night, afterward

Became all the wine in the world.

And doors I will never remember

 Whether they open in or out,

Buttons in the entrance of your house

For light, doorbells, or silence.

We wanted it like that. Did we?

In our three rooms,

At the open window,

You promised me war would not erupt.

I gave you a watch instead of

A wedding ring: round, good time,

The ripest fruit

 Of insomnia and eternity. 

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